Generosity of TIME Stories

Here are some of the generosity of TIME stories people sent this week as we learn and practice Generosity: Choosing a Life of Overflow.

Story #1. The Junior High 30-hour Famine. Check out this video.

The junior highers not only went 30 hours without eating (praying and learning what it’s like to be hungry ), they also raised over $10,000! They gathered over 1,500 non-perishables to take to a shelter and did community service projects around the area! They did an awesome job and exceeded their goal of $8,000. They initially pick the $8000 goal because 8000 children under age 5 die every day from hunger related causes. For $1 you can feed a child for a day. We raised enough to feed 27 children for a year!

Story #2. From Pastor Andy Wright (our Junior High Pastor):

A BIG SHOUT OUT for Dawnelle Patterson and Andrea Langkow, two women in our church who are taking 10 girls from their Jr. High Small Group to a cabin this weekend to love and connect with them.  They both have very busy lives but have generously given so much to these girls!  These weekends are often the spark that starts a major fire in young peoples’ lives!

Story #3. From a busy mom:

During my small group this week, one of the questions was along the lines of “what holds you back,” and I felt that not being an extrovert sometimes hinders me. I was stuck in the frame of mind that generosity of time means volunteering for everything that comes up. Right away one of the group members reminded me that just last week I left my family to stay overnight with friends’ kids so they could have a night away. There had/has been a lot going on with my friends, so I felt they needed that time and asked if I could do this a few weeks prior. I really didn’t consider that generosity of time. It just felt like a need that I could fill.

Story #4. From Sheila Jarvis (whose generosity of time story we celebrated in the study guide and during the weekend services):

Thank you so much for the way you presented my Celebration Story on Sunday. It was a real blessing.
 Since talking to you, the Lord reminded me that I missed out on one very important part of my story… one which highlights the fact that people can be generous servers of God without even realizing it. Because I don’t drive any more, my husband Maurice happily drives me to Moorlands (where I volunteer every day) and then comes back later to take me home. If it wasn’t for his willingness to do this I would not be able to volunteer. In thinking about it I realized that there are many people I know who are faithfully, and often sacrificially, giving their time to minister to others.

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