Generosity: Choosing a Life of Overflow

Generosity begins with a generous God. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son…” God is the most generous of givers and as followers of Jesus, we are to become like the God we serve.  And in the joy and act of giving, we are most like God when we give and serve like God. People who have experienced the transformation of Jesus through the Holy Spirit choose to live a life of overflow, freely giving their time, talent, touch, and treasure. But it’s something we have to learn…something we have to live…something we have to commit to.

In our Generosity series during the month of March, we are going to see what the Bible has to say about generosity. We’ll discover biblical pictures of what it looks like to be people who choose a life of overflow with our time, our talents, our treasure, and our touch.  It’s about transformation, not transaction.  And through this series, we’ll learn the heart of sacrifice…giving up something we love for something we love even more.

Generosity is such an important topic and principle for our lives, our church, and our mission to the world that we’ve developed a Generosity Study Guide for this series. We have also developed Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry curriculum, which will mirror the weekly messages in the worship services.

In the study guide, you’ll find an overview and review of Sunday’s message. You’ll also be given questions to discuss in your small group community. During our Sunday services we’ll celebrate stories of generosity, discovering what it looks like in the real world to live out each week’s generosity value. You’ll also find prayer points to pray through so that you might begin and continue to live generously. Lastly, there are also some ideas for families to discuss with children so that we can teach and model generosity for a lifetime.

As you live and experience generosity and choose to live a life of overflow, I’d love to hear your stories. You can send them to

If you’d like to listen to the four messages on Generosity, here’s the link.

I pray that God would teach and train us to be people who live generously like our Savior does. I pray that God’s generosity would shine through our lives, our families, and our church. And I pray that we’d be changed in the process to become a people and a life-transforming community that lives, looks, and loves more like Jesus.

Welcome to the journey of generosity!

Pastor Jonathan

5 Replies to “Generosity: Choosing a Life of Overflow”

    1. steve, that’s an interesting article. one interesting quote, “Because, of course, one’s identity is inextricably linked to one’s bank statement.” there is so much of that in our american culture. and in our generosity, we can’t be generous so we can simply pat ourselves on the back and feel better about ourselves. it’s got to be because we want to live out Jesus’ heart of generosity on mission with Him. thanks again for the link… a great reminder about our motives.

  1. Your sermon on being generous with time was hard to embrace given the lack of margin we face. The image that came to my mind was a painting titled “forgiven” which expresses how I feel lately…giving all I have at the sacrifice of my family and in the end building wood, hay and stubble. If I could better see that generously giving my time to others was building with stone for the kingdom’s sake, it would be easier to swallow. Lord give me eyes that I might see. And forgive me for ‘working for the man’ instead of the son of man.

    See painting at…

    1. john, what a great prayer. sometimes we have no idea how our investment of time and energies will pay off one day, either on this side or the other side of eternity. i live in a “marginless” world as well, so I’m focusing on being more fully present in conversations, prayer, and moments with other people. i also have to learn when and how to say “no” so I can say “yes” to something/someone else. see

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