Christmas Compassion & Global Generosity

The Christmas story calls us to be people of compassion and peace… people who understand the generosity of God as He sent us Jesus, His one and only Son. When we grasp this reality, God was made flesh to bring us peace, we are compelled to respond with acts of compassion, peace, and generosity in the world around us.

One tangible way to live out the compassion of Christmas is to be generous globally. This time of year, we spend so much time, energy and financial resources buying things that the people in our lives don’t really need. What if we chose to spend our financial resources on making donations to charitable organizations in someone’s name? A couple of weeks ago, our family received some “charitable gift” catalogs from World Vision, Agros International, and Living Water. For $25, I can buy someone a goat or a couple of chickens. For $25, I can feed a family for a month. For $25, I can contribute to digging a well in a village in some part of the world that doesn’t have access to clean water. There are so many options for using our financial resources to begin making a dent in global poverty issues.  This Christmas, choose to be agents of God’s compassion, peace, and generosity in our global world.

Here are some resources for Christmas Compassion & Global Generosity:

What other organizations do you recommend during this Christmas season and beyond?

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