RainCity Lounge Re-cap

As I sat in the Worship Center (a.k.a. RainCity Lounge) during the full dress rehearsal Wednesday night before the first show, I enjoyed watching the various acts and thought to myself, “This is amazing. All the hard work and prayer for the past nine months has certainly paid off!” And sure enough, over eight performances of Christmas at RainCity Lounge, guest after guest told me how incredible the show was. There were a lot of amazing aspects to the show and experience. Northshore’s musical and artistic talents were showcased. Our heart to serve our people and our guests was evident. And our deep desire to offer people the gift of Jesus’ gospel was central.

Northshore, thank you for making Christmas at RainCity Lounge a success. We had over 2550 people attend the show. We also deployed around 800 volunteers from cast, crew, servers, designers, decorators, pray-ers, ticket sales…, and on and on the list of volunteers goes. To date, we’ve had around 80 inquiries about the Discovery class which starts January 9, 2011. This last is the key ingredient because our ultimate goal of Christmas at RainCity Lounge was not to entertain ourselves with a great Christmas show. Our goal was to invite the people of our world into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus, and the show helped and will continue to help move many people further along in their exploration of Jesus and the Christian faith.

I want to thank all of you who served, prayed, and invited guests. Thanks for using your gifts and talents to magnify Jesus and be a part of His mission. And a special thanks to Pastor Mark Kohls who oversaw the whole project, to Rose Tom who served and led as the House Director, to Cindy Swenson who was responsible for all of the creative expression on the stage and behind the scenes with the tech crew, and to Bruce Bickel who played the role of RainCity’s emcee and who will lead the Discovery class. I wish I could list everyone who contributed by name, but there are too many!

Lastly, outreach doesn’t stop here. We are called to be on mission for Jesus, taking Him and His gospel into our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and families every day and season of the year. Follow up with your guests. Invite them to our Christmas Eve services (2:45, 4:45 & 6:45 pm). Invite them to accompany you to the Discovery class in January. And above all, continue to pray that the Holy Spirit to draw them to Jesus.

Merry CHRISTmas and many thanks Northshore!

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