Anything But Typical

Following Jesus is anything but typical. And let’s be honest, we like typical. We want typical. We want safe. We want comfortable. But with those words of Jesus, “The kingdom of God is at hand” and “Come, follow me,” He launched a dream, a revolution, a mission. And it’s anything but typical.

Maybe he’s calling you to walk across the street and share the gospel with your neighbor. Maybe he’s calling you to go out of your comfort zone and reconcile a relationship that’s broken. Maybe he’s calling you to take a stand for Him that definitely won’t be popular at your school. Maybe he’s calling you to humble yourself in your marriage even if something isn’t your fault. Maybe he’s calling you to be more generous with your schedule or your finances so you can be more about His revolutionary kingdom work. I don’t know where He wants from you, but I do know this: you will need the vision to see the world through Jesus’ eyes, the strength to follow where He leads, the courage to act upon what He says, and the dependence to hear His voice through the Holy Spirit as you live Him out in your world.

Where is an area of your life that Jesus is calling you to be and do the anything but typical? And what stories are flowing for your willingness to be and do the anything but typical?

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