Uhauls, Hearses, & Generosity

“A checkbook is a theological document, it will tell you who and what you worship.” BILLY GRAHAM

We’ve been discovering in the book of Ecclesiastes that everything ultimately matters.  We are hard-wired by the Creator to long for and search for meaning, identity, and purpose.  As we discovered Sunday, one way that we tend to attempt to find meaning is through the endless pursuit of money, wealth, and possessions.  The ancient author Solomon tells us that the pursuit of money only produces a vast emptiness but the pursuit of God produces a vast joy (Ecclesiastes 5:10-20).  The question put before us is this… Am I being a good and godly steward of what God has given me? During our brief time here on this earth this side of eternity, are you wisely stewarding that with which you have been entrusted?

How do you spend and invest your TIME? How you employ your TALENTS and gifts?  How do you use and steward your TREASURE and finances?  How do you TOUCH peoples lives as you willingly share your own with them.  Pick one of these 4 “T’s” and find a way to grow in your sacrificial generosity.  In the end, Jesus’ great joy comes as we make much of Him, as we treasure Him above all else, and as we steward His gifts for His Kingdom, His glory, and His name.

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