Northshore’s New Spiritual Growth Tool

For the past two years, we’ve been working on a new “tool” to help us develop areas of spiritual strength and areas of spiritual growth.  The fruit of our labor is Northshore’s new Spiritual Growth Tool. It’s a great tool to help evaluate where you’re at in your relationship with Jesus and how long you’ve been there (i.e., are you growing?).  It can help you take an honest assessment of your relationships within the community of Christ.  It will help reveal your biblical outlook.  It will show you areas of strength and growth in prayer and mission (local and global), as well as other areas of your spiritual journey with Jesus.  We really do believe that if done in an honest, transparent way, it can be a great tool for personal spiritual growth and accountability within your community.

As mentioned previously, a couple of disclaimers:

1) It’s not a perfect tool.  Some of the questions might have a weird wording or not set right with you.  That’s okay.  Press through it.  One of the reasons that it’s important to discuss the personal report with a friend or small group is that others can help validate or invalidate any of the specific areas of growth, etc.

2) It’s absolutely confidential.  No one can trace your answers back to you.  Your small group leader is not going to force you to hand over a copy of your personal report.  So be honest as you take the inventory.

Here’s a helpful video by Wayne Phillips, Northshore’s Pastor of Transformation, on the Spiritual Growth Tool

We’d appreciate your feedback on the tool and the process.  We want to continue to make the tool more effective each iteration.  Thanks for pressing into the process!

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