New Series: “Hebrews & The Supremacy of Christ”

The Supremacy of Christ such a critically important theological reality… such a crucial driving value for our church… such a constant endeavor in our journey to live in and live out. But what does “the supremacy of Christ” really mean? What does it mean to see, understand, and experience the supremacy of Christ in a hectic, hostile world? This is the theme of the book of Hebrews which we will explore in this new series.

Hebrews is really a sermon written and preached by a pastor to a group of people who were struggling with the supremacy of Christ in their lives, their church, and their world. This pastor and author of Hebrews is brilliant, writing in some of the most complex Greek in all of the New Testament. The structure, flow, and theology presented are unparalleled to any other letter in the New Testament. The mastery of the larger story of God presented in the Scriptures is evident as the sermon and letter progresses. But the people who received, heard, and began to live out Jesus are a lot like us. They lived in a pluralistic world where many “gods” and worldviews were competing for their attention, allegiances, and affections. They lived in a world where they were looked down upon and persecuted because they were followers of Jesus Christ. And they were wrestling with whether being a Christian was really worth it or not. In the end, they were really being confronted with the supremacy of Christ. Is Jesus really superior to everything else in this world and in my life? And if He really is superior to everything else, how do I experience Him and His supremacy in a hectic, hostile world? The two thousand year old question is still asked of us today.

As we study and apply the themes of Hebrews to our lives, my prayer for us is that we really would see, understand, and experience the supremacy of Christ above all else… and that by living in and living out the supremacy of Christ, everything would be different. So come and join us March-June as we are changed and transformed as individuals and a community through the greatness of Jesus Christ.

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