About Jonathan

My life story includes job descriptions such as: recklessly abandoned follower of the Risen Christ, husband of Paige, father of Jake, professional coffee drinker, theological dreamer, mountain biker, expert napper, Mac user, and many more apt descriptions. I grew up in Texas, graduated from Texas A&M University, served in the Army as an infantry officer, and then went to seminary at Dallas Theological Seminary. I serve as the Senior Pastor at Northshore Community Church in Kirkland, WA and Director of the North Sound Church Planting Network.

My personal life vision is: “Following the lead of Jesus, I want to inspire & equip people to make an extraordinary impact for God’s kingdom through their unique life calling.”

I like exploring and writing about different subjects: reflections upon recent sermons, theology, spiritual life, leadership, culture, and technology. On my blog you’ll also find some in-depth topics and curriculum:

  1. The Story of God: a 20-part series on the larger story of God and the Bible
  2. Leadership Development: a curriculum for individuals, small groups, and teams to develop leaders spiritually, personally, and positionally
  3. YouAskedForIt: an 8-week series I preached based around the most popular and controversial topics people ask about the Christian faith

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