Questioning the Bible

Questioning the Bible

The Christian Bible is the #1 Best Selling Non-Fiction Book of all time. There are more than five billion copies in print today, and the Bible has been translated into 2,123 languages. But when it comes to the Bible, one of the most important questions people ask is whether it’s really a “sacred,” historically accurate book. This is a crucially important question—one that provides the foundation for what we believe about Christianity. What we believe about the Bible influences everything about the way we live our lives. In our new series Questioning the Bible, we’re going to explore the origins and historical reliability of the Bible and why it matters.

Here’s the schedule for the series

February 12 – Is the Bible Relevant?

February 19 – How Does God Speak?

February 26 – Is the Bible from God?

March 5 – Can We Trust the Bible?

March 12 – How Did We Get the Bible?

March 19 – How Do We Study the Bible?

March 26 – How Do We Apply the Bible?

April 2 – How Do We Live the Bible?

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